Developing innovative educational methodologies and best practices in K-16 computing education.

The AiiCE Curricula & Pedagogy constellation identifies and develops identity-inclusive courses, modules, and best practices, as well as improved learning pathways across the last two years of high school and first two of college.

Postsecondary Activities

There is no current state of the field that exists to identify IIC efforts and best practices. This group will gather information on nationwide IIC curricula and pedagogy efforts and report data, trends, resources, training opportunities, best practices, and future directions. Information will be gathered through the 3C Fellows, Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Groups (SIGs), crowdsourcing, and existing university programs and be disseminated through an AIICE repository and national report on IIC. 

High School Activities

A community of practice (CoP) will be established across all high-school CS professional development providers to identify best practices, share resources, and integrate IIC into each. This CoP will include virtual, quarterly synchronous sessions, with additional online discussion threads and resource sharing. Community members will convene for an annual summit (co-located with the annual CSTA conference) that includes workshops and discussions on integrating IIC. 

K-16 Activities

A disciplinary commons group composed of 20 high-school and two/four-year college CS educators will convene annually to focus on inclusive course design (e.g., syllabus development, assignments), creating welcoming classroom environments, and instructional practices that allow IIC to be intentionally infused into CS course design and delivery.

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