Activities in the Professional Development Constellation include formal and informal professional development (PD) geared towards better educating computer science educators (high-school and postsecondary) and teaching assistants (TAs) on identity-inclusive topics. 

K-12 Activities

CSTA is developing and implementing monthly, chapter-based teacher inquiry groups: special sessions on identity-inclusive topics (e.g., systemic oppression and how they manifest at the personal, cultural, and organizational levels, as well as biased technologies). These facilitator-led sessions will help teachers better understand topics in a more intimate environment than traditional PD, allowing them to interact with local chapter members they already know.

An “Intro to Identity” toolkit will be created and publicly available as a virtual, self-paced course to provide a baseline understanding of these topics. This allows participants with limited to no understanding of identity-inclusive topics to learn at a pace that fits their comfort level without impacting the pace and learning experience of the overall inquiry group.

CSTA also holds monthly webinars for all members on IIC knowledge and skill development. These short, differentiated webinars (which incorporate identity-inclusive topics and discussions at introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels) will be incorporated into an existing monthly webinar series on equity, pedagogy, and content.

Postsecondary Activities

The 3C Fellows Program is a novel virtual, cohort-based PD program where postsecondary (future) CS faculty and staff (in teams or individually) 1) study topics such as identity, intersectionality, and systemic disparities to understand historical trends that impact organizational cultures and technology development; and 2) develop IIC courses, modules, and department activities.

The Megas and Gigas Educate (MaGE) program is an inclusive peer mentoring program developed at Mount Holyoke College that includes packaged training curriculum for undergraduate TAs and peer mentors of CS students in the first two courses in the major. As a part of AiiCE, a revised curriculum is being developed for undergraduate and graduate TAs that incorporates identity-inclusive content throughout the training material

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