Be a change agent for identity-inclusive computing education.

AiiCE is a community of educators, organizations, government agencies and industry professionals whose shared vision is to make computing education inclusive and equitable through collective impact.

"We are passionate about removing the systemic barriers that have long impacted who can pursue computing courses and degrees."

Together, we have the power to transform computing education! 

You’re invited to join AiiCE at the organizational or individual levels. Choose one to get started.

Member Organization

As a Member Organization, you will collaborate with other Senior Personnel to develop and/or support programs, resources, and activities that aid our vision. 

Strategic Partners

As a Strategic Partner, you will help the Alliance continue to grow capacity and resources.


As an Affiliate, you will participate in AiiCE activities such as 3C Fellows and CSTA Policy Committee Members, leverage resources, and/or contribute to the growing body of knowledge on identity-inclusive computing education. Affiliates commit to sustained intentional participation.