Be a change agent for identity-inclusive computing education.

AiiCE is a community of educators, organizations, government agencies and industry professionals whose shared vision is to make computing education inclusive and equitable through collective impact.

"We are passionate about removing the systemic barriers that have long impacted who can pursue computing courses and degrees."

Together, we have the power to transform computing education! 

Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners play a vital role in sustaining Alliance efforts by offering valuable resources, such as financial support and capacity-building. Our strategic partners play a crucial role in equipping us with the necessary resources and expertise to sustain our vital work, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of developing identity-inclusive policies. Some avenues through which you can support us:

  • Providing financial resources to uphold the overarching mission of the Alliance.
  • Offering capacity-building resources that enhance a specific activity within the Alliance.
  • Allocating financial resources to support targeted initiatives that align with the Alliance's goals.
  • Providing capacity-building resources aimed at strengthening the overall mission and effectiveness of the Alliance.

As a Strategic Partner, your support in these areas will have a significant impact on the success and achievements of the Alliance.