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AiiCE leadership featured in Duke Engineering article

Written by: Brady Kim

Led by Dr. Nicki Washington and Dr. Shaundra Daily, AiiCE has garnered significant recognition and support for its work in fostering identity-inclusive computing education. Recently featured in an article by the Pratt School of Engineering, AiiCE secured a $10 million grant from the National Science Foundation to tackle the barriers hindering marginalized students' access to computing education.

In recent interviews with the National Science and Technology Medals Foundation (NSTMF), AiiCE Steering Committee members emphasized the critical importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in computing. Dr. Washington underscored that without a diverse representation in the field, technologies risk being ill-suited for the broader global community. This sentiment was echoed by Dr. Daily, who highlighted the necessity of inclusive perspectives in technology development to address questions of societal impact effectively. The NSTMF has amplified AiiCE's advocacy efforts through their video series Unscripted Reels.

Feb2024_ Pratt Article Congratulatory Flyer