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Bettin honored with 2023 Institute of Computing and Cybersystems Achievement Award

Written by: Brady Kim
Congratulations to Dr. Briana Bettin, a Cultural Competence in Computing (3C) Fellow, on her well-deserved recognition with the 2023 Institute of Computing and Cybersystems Achievement Award. Dr. Bettin's research at the intersection of user experience, education, and human factors has significantly influenced the field of programming education. Her unique perspective as an Assistant Professor in both Computer Science and Cognitive and Learning Sciences at Michigan Tech has allowed her to break down barriers and improve student success. Collaborating with colleagues at Michigan Tech, her work is transforming education and digital literacy. Her recent projects, including the ICC/GLRC Rapid Seedling Research Grant and her role as the primary PI on a Michigan Tech Research Excellence Fund project, exemplify her commitment to advancing the field. Dr. Briana Bettin's work is making computing education more inclusive and accessible, and she is a well-deserving recipient of this prestigious award.
Congratulatory Briana Bettin