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Bolante receives CRA Outstanding Researcher Award for Pioneering Work in Social Computing

Written by: Brady Kim

Kianna Bolante, a junior majoring in computer science at the University of Washington and a member of the AiiCE Student Advisory Board, has secured the esteemed Computing Research Association (CRA) Outstanding Researcher Award. This award recognizes her outstanding contributions to the field. Specializing in social computing, accessibility, and computer science education, Kianna's impact is both innovative and far-reaching.

Her work includes developing and presenting six educational modules for high school students on topics like online behavior, machine learning bias, and misinformation. Notably, Kianna's outreach efforts showed a heightened interest in socially-focused computing topics among over fourteen hundred students across thirteen schools in Seattle. Beyond the classroom, she has actively contributed to projects benefiting individuals with Parkinson's disease through virtual reality and engaged in an international study on language preferences among disabled individuals.

In addition to her research, Kianna is a dedicated advocate for inclusivity and empowerment within the computing community. Holding leadership roles in the Computing Community group and the Society of Women Engineers, she exemplifies a commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment. The CRA Outstanding Researcher Award highlights not only her research but also her impactful contributions to education, social welfare, and advocacy in the field of computer science. We take immense pride in having Kianna as a core member of the AiiCE Student Advisory Board, where she is integral to achieving the vision of AiiCE.

Kianna Bolante