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Morales-Navarro publishes Connecting beliefs, mindsets, anxiety and self-efficacy in computer science learning

Luis Morales-Navarro, a Cultural Competence in Computing (3C) Fellow and a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, has published a new study in Computer Science Education that presents a validated instrument to measure the self-beliefs of secondary school students in relation to computer science (CS) education. The research was motivated by AiiCE Director, Dr. Nicki Washington and builds upon the "building talent approach" developed by Dr. Jane Margolis and AiiCE Senior Personnel, Dr. Joanna Goode. The research was conducted with the support of Dr. Gayithri Jayathirtha, a 3C fellow.  
 Luis Morales-Navarro is a doctoral candidate in the Learning Sciences and Technologies Program at the University of Pennsylvania, and is part of Yasmin Kafai’s research team where Luis studies 'novice programmers, how youth learn to code when making interest-driven projects, and how learners engage with debugging and designing bugs.'
Morales-Navarro, L., Giang, M. T., Fields, D. A., & Kafai, Y. B. (2023). Connecting beliefs, mindsets, anxiety and self-efficacy in computer science learning: an instrument for capturing secondary school students’ self-beliefs. Computer Science Education, 1-27. 
3c-Congratulatory Luis Morales-Navarro