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Wendy Norris, Ph.D. and Nazareth University students team up with @WikiEducation

Cultural Competence in Computing (3C) Fellow, Wendy Norris, Ph.D., and a team of students at Nazareth College has been addressing the harmful effects of online disinformation on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) issues. Collaborating with @WikiEducation, Dr. Norris and the student team at Nazareth College have successfully updated sociotechnology articles, shedding light on how disinformation can undermine DEI efforts. Dr. Norris emphasizes that online disinformation stretches beyond mere political propaganda and conspiracy theories, acting as an anti-DEI agent that spreads lies and fosters distrust. Dr. Norris is a a Peace Corps Response volunteer and an Assistant Professor of Computer Science in Mathematics and uses "project-based learning to help students discover how to apply computational thinking, human-centered computing, and ethical data science practices to real-world problems grounded in their own interests and majors."
3c-Congratulatory Wendy Norris, Ph.D.