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Dr. Allison Scott is the Chief Research Officer for the Kapor Center for Social Impact (KCSI), where she leads a research agenda which explores barriers to participation in computing among underrepresented groups and informs the design and implementation of strategies, practices and policies to diversify the technology ecosystem. Her current areas of focus include: (a) examining equity in computer science education, (b) exploring interventions to increase computing participation, degree completion, workforce participation and entrepreneurship among underrepresented populations, and (c) analyzing the longitudinal impact of a 3-year SMASH STEM and CS summer program for underrepresented high school students. The research agenda utilizes an intersectional framework to specifically explore experiences of women and girls of color within each of the focal areas. Dr. Scott is currently the Principal Investigator for a 3-year National Science Foundation research project (NSF #1748316) examining demographic trends in access, enrollment, and persistence in computer science education in California, and has previously led research projects funded by the NSF and the Ford Foundation. Dr. Scott holds a Ph.D. in Education, with a specialization in School Psychology, from the University of California, Berkeley and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Hampton University.