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Supporting the Integration of Social Justice Topics within K-12 Computing Education



Computing has been historically taught as neutral and devoid of any connection with societies. But more recently, technical tools are taking center stage at societal problem solving, influencing policies and practices around issues such as surveillance, privacy, and algorithmic bias. In this sociopolitical moment, people across different efforts within K-12 computing education are calling for integration of computing with social sciences to center implications of technologies on peoples, communities, and societies. There are multiple facets to these efforts: studying K-12 student engagement with critical content to preparing K-12 educators and ecosystems, developing pedagogical frameworks, and redesigning existing high school computing program to center justice. This panel will present a broad range of efforts towards critical introduction of computing within K-12 settings. While briefly introducing themselves and their work, each panelist will answer the questions: (a) How does your work and experiences address critical computing education? (b) What are some barriers that you have encountered? And (c) How have you addressed these concerns within your designs? Overall, the panel will open the space for discussing, highlighting, and learning from this set of diverse and synergetic critical computing efforts within K-12 computing education.


Gayithri Jayathirtha, Joanna Goode, Nicki Washington, Shana V. White, Aman Yadav, and Cecilé Sadler. 2023. Supporting the Integration of Social Justice Topics within K-12 Computing Education. In Proceedings of the 54th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education V. 2 (SIGCSE 2023). Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, 1206–1207.


Computing, Diversity, Education & Classroom Learning, Equity, Inclusion