Be a change agent for identity-inclusive computing education.

AiiCE is a community of educators, organizations, government agencies and industry professionals whose shared vision is to make computing education inclusive and equitable through collective impact.

"We are passionate about removing the systemic barriers that have long impacted who can pursue computing courses and degrees."

The AiiCE Community welcomes organizations and individuals to join in different capacities:

Join as a Member Organization and collaborate on programs, resources, and activities to support the vision across areas like professional development, research, curriculum, and policy.

Become a Strategic Partner by offering valuable resources like financial support and capacity building to sustain AiiCE's work.

Connect with others through our online community of practice centered on identity-inclusive topics. Learn to foster inclusivity and diversity in computing through meaningful discussions, knowledge exchange, and collaboration.

Visit our other opportunities page which lists jobs, professional development, and other AiiCE community-sponsored opportunities, some of which lead to becoming an Affiliate.

The collective goal is to transform computing education through inclusion and equity. By working together, the community has the power to enact meaningful change.